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Meaning of the Tarot card Death


Some frequent keywords are:

Ending of a cycle ----- Loss ----- Conclusion ----- Sadness

Transition into a new state ----- Psychological transformation

Finishing up ----- Regeneration ----- Elimination of old patterns

Being caught in the inescapable ----- Good-byes ----- Deep change

A picture of a skeleton riding a horse. Surrounding it are the dead and dying from all classes--kings, bishops, and common people. In its hand it carries a black standard with a white flower on it. In some decks, the Crashing Towers from The Moon (Tarot card) appears in the background with The Sun (Tarot card) setting behind it.


Some people say that death is the gardener of life. Others say that Death is the gateway to infinity. Once we have passed through that door, we rejoin the carbon cycle. Others say that Death is change. The sacrifice of virtue or vice, a loved one or a loathed one, demanded by Time. Joan Bunning, author of Learning the Tarot, says "It is a truism in tarot work that Card 13 rarely has anything to do with physical death. A responsible card reader never interprets Card 13 in this way because this view is too limiting. Death is not something that happens once to our bodies. It happens continually, at many levels and not just in the physical. Each moment we die to the present so the future can unfold." Death and Time are closely linked. Both are often shown carrying a scythe, both are often called the Reaper. The one who takes in the harvest. Death is the price one pays to exist in time. Death follows the Hanged Man. It is the threshold the Hanged Man must pass before he or she can journey through the Underworld, and be reborn. Death is associated through its cross-sum (the sum of the digits) with Key 4: The Emperor. This takes us back to Sir Fraizer's story of The King of the Golden Bough. This was a priest of Zeus (the Ur-avatar of The Emperor) who got his position by killing his predecessor, then spent the rest of his term patrolling a grove with a naked sword. The Emperor takes power through death; wields power through death; is brought to power through death. The law tells us that power to take life is an inherent attribute of sovereignty. Contrast with The Empress, whose power is predicated on life, life, life. The Emperor builds, structures, the ego, power. Death takes them all down. Ebb and flow. In addition to The Emperor, Death is associated with The Queens, the 13th card of each suit. The body of the Queen is the way power defeats death; through the children she bears or the legitimacy she brings to the Emperor's claim. But every queen is a handmaiden of death. Death is a thief. He does not respect our property rules. Persephone, the Daughter of the Earth Goddess Demeter, is the Queen of the Dead. Hades, the Lord of the Dead, stole her from her mother and made her his bride. Life beat back death; Demeter got her back - but only for part of every year. Every Spring Equinox, she is reborn; every Fall Equinox, she goes back into the earth. Life and death, dancing together, through her passage through time. Osiris is also a Lord of the Dead. The Sun and the Moon are implicit in this card. The Crashing Towers from the The Moon (Tarot card) frames a setting (some say rising) Sun. Death wears black and silver, colors associated with the moon, and rides a pale horse, just like The Sun, six cards later. Death walks the threshold between light and dark, night and day. When Death appears in a spread, its may speak of the transformation of passing through the gateway of death, hopefully metaphorically, it may speak of the stillness of the grave, hopefully, metaphorically. It also can be a warning that time is short; measure our use of the tiny morsel we are given against the infinity we are not. Death may also serve as an example of power manifesting itself over our poor attempts to control it. Forms become exhausted, the center cannot hold, cells forget how to be what they were. Sometimes, change can delay the inevitable.

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